Transforming Philippine IT-BPM industry: StackTrek and IBPAP alliance

StackTrek and IBPAP forge national IT talent development partnership to fuel Philippines' digital workforce and capitalize on AI opportunity.

StackTrek IBPAP

StackTrek, a worldwide provider of AI and programming training solutions, announces a strategic alliance with the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) to forge a National IT Talent Development Partnership.

The partnership intends to align with Roadmap 2028’s vision of generating 1.1 million new IT and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) jobs by 2028.

The core of this partnership is StackTrek’s AI & Programming Academy, which provides businesses with personalized learning programs and a state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS).

The academy offers comprehensive training in programming and AI, equipping businesses for the impending AI-powered future.

StackTrek’s unique training solutions allow companies to enhance their IT workforce and coding proficiency while preparing them for higher-skill AI roles. The company also enables the reskilling of non-IT talents, transforming them into programming experts.

As part of the partnership, StackTrek and IBPAP are introducing StackLab, a one-stop solution for businesses looking to bolster their AI capabilities. StackLab specializes in setting up AI Research and Development (R&D) units and delivering AI software applications.

StackTrek and IBPAP also unveil the AI Executive Education Program for BPO and corporate leaders to remain updated on AI advancements and utilize this technology for organizational growth and innovation.

This year-long monthly training program promises to keep executives abreast of the latest trends and best practices. Upon completion, participants will gain a thorough understanding of AI and its potential for growth and innovation.

“The partnership represents a pioneering collaboration that will allow the Philippines ITBPM industry to grasp the enormous economic opportunity AI offers,” says Bill Yuen, CEO at StackTrek.

Jack Madrid, IBPAP President and CEO, stresses the importance of proactive collaboration in an AI-driven economy to enable the Filipino talent to thrive in roles involving higher-value work.

The partnership is primed to spur the development of a vibrant digital workforce in the Philippines, potentially transforming the IT-BPM industry and securing the country’s role as a global digital economy leader.